ORBIS Production's professional photographers will help you save invaluable memories from any town or region in Italy. The majestic Colosseum, endless vineyards of Tuscany and Piedmont, a graceful gondola in Venice — all that and more is available for your personalized photoshoot in Italy.
ORBIS Production is a fast-growing full-cycle creative studio. With over 10 years of experience in high performance production, we execute projects of any complexity in the whole spectrum of marketing communications.

We help our customers — the world's leading brands — to strengthen their concept and create an impeccable reputation in highly competitive markets. And most importantly, we truly love what we do!

Our photographers in Italy will organize your unforgettable photoshoot in this stylish and mysterious country. We specialize in all types and genres of photography, including individual, wedding, advertising and corporate photography.

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Katie Cornish
When I came to Lago di Braies on vacation, I fell in love with the place. Immediately, I imagined myself in a rowboat, enjoying the view. That's how I came up with the idea for a photoshoot. I wanted to look like a real princess! ORBIS immediately understood what I wanted from the photoshoot and did a brilliant job!
Kristina Lisina
Hi! I just want to say thank you again! It was awesome to work together! Thank you for a wonderful photo walk and beautiful pictures of my dresses. We will definitely continue to work together!
Rose Braintree
When we were looking for Lake Garda photographers, we wanted to hire someone who could also help us to come up with an idea for our photoshoot. Elena suggested a gentle romantic theme and made sure everything went according to plan. She even picked the best time of day! The photos turned out beautiful and we're very happy with the result.
Marina and Raul Solano
My husband and I wanted an unusual photo shoot in Venice. ORBIS Production's stylist found a real Venetian image for us and worked out everything in great detail. The photographer took amazing photos, just like shots from a film! Everyone who is planning a trip to Venice should order a photo shoot from ORBIS Production!
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